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Envy is a new Ready-to-Ride saddle brand, shipped direct to your door.

We have an extensive stock and efficient production line, meaning you can be outside riding instead of waiting months to receive your saddle.

Image by Aliyah Jamous
ENVY AURORA no bg image.png

Introducing Envy, the new ready-to-ride saddle brand. 

All the state-of-the-art features.
Friendlier price point.

Get a fitters help, or order direct to your door

If you need help to get the perfect fit, we have worldwide network of great saddle fitters. If you're good to go, order directly through our e-commerce system (coming soon) to jump straight in the saddle.

State of the art technology at a friendly price-tag

Experience technology and superb leather quality at an affordable price tag, due to our set-specifications models and fast production line.

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